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COVID-19 In Vitro Diagnostic Devices and Test Methods Database

The objective of the JRC COVID-19 In Vitro Diagnostic Devices and Test Methods Database is to collect in a single place all publicly available information on performance of CE-marked in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDs) as well as laboratory-developed devices and related test methods for COVID-19. The database is manually curated and periodically updated.

Aim of the website 

Browse the data

  • COVID-19 in vitro diagnostic medical devices

    The database contains publicly available in vitro diagnostic medical devices for COVID-19 and it is being updated periodically. Please note that additional performance (as retrieved from manufacturers web pages) is provided only for devices commercially available with CE-IVD mark.
  • SARS-CoV-2 NAAT target regions

    The database provides pre-computed values corresponding to the extent of matchings of the primers and probes from NAAT database methods against high-quality, full length genomic sequences, which are made available by GISAID to enable this analysis.
  • EUnetHTA publications repository

    EUnetHTA - European Network for Health Technology Assessment – developed a COVID-19-related repository of publications and outputs produced jointly or by individual HTA organisations on testing methods and devices for SARS-COV-2.
  • Explore the data

    This section allows surfing in and mining of data and analyses performed on SARS-CoV-2 sequences, like detectability of NAAT amplicons, and the phylodynamics of the pandemic in the European Union countries.


Information for manufacturers 

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